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What is Utopian?

Utopia is an ideal and perfect place. Utopian is something that comes from Utopia; it is perfect and doesn’t have any negatives. Utopian represents a healthy lifestyle for us.

Having our supersmoothies will help you take a step towards the healthy lifestyle. With our smoothies we bring you something that has all the goodness required, untouched by unhealthy ingredients. Our smoothies have no refined sugars, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives. We bring you Good Things Only.

Why the name Utopian?

Since childhood I have been a fan of superheroes. Reading those comics, watching all sorts of movies, the idea of winning wars against the evil, and bringing back the balance in Utopia has just been phenomenal and something very close to my heart.

The name Utopian was devised with the same belief to create a perfect world with our superhero – the Supersmoothie, to fight the war against villains like unhealthy snacking, sugary beverages, carbonated beverage isles, harmful additives and preservatives.

What makes it a Super smoothie?

These smoothies are loaded with superfoods that are nutritional powerhouses. With a focus on Indian Superfoods, we have curated them especially for the Indian palate. Superfoods such as oats, amaranth, and coconut are used in our smoothies along with ancient herbs such as turmeric, amla, ashwagandha, ginger, and tulsi. Unlike fortified beverages, these smoothies are incredibly nutritious as they do not contain any preservatives.

Does fortification harm the body?

Adding micronutrients artificially to foods by using chemicals is called fortification. It is either impossible to find these micronutrients in the product’s ingredients list or they are lost during processing. Our love of micronutrients goes hand in hand with our dislike of fortification, since it isn’t a natural process. Overconsumption or unnecessary added nutrients do more harm to you than good.

In addition to being heavily processed, fortified foods are often high in sugars, fats, sodium, and other additives that can cause vitamin overdoses.

Consumption of whole foods is the most effective way to obtain micronutrients and macronutrients. The ingredients we use in our smoothies include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. Our Super Smoothies don’t contain any harmful chemicals. With the right ingredients, we keep it clean, simple, and healthy.

Why should I drink a Utopian Supersmoothie?

Getting your daily dose of vegetables, fruits, and superfoods is easy with our Super Smoothies. There’s something magical about this drink because it keeps you full for longer without making you crave vada-pavs, samosas, colas, and chole bhature. Binge-friendly smoothie that keeps you active!

What is the most ideal Time to Have a Super Smoothie?

We call our Supersmoothies Anytime Snack !!! Wholesome and Energy Supersmoothies are good to go as a light meal, quick snack, or convenient breakfast. Detox Supersmoothie is a great early-morning yoga partner. Immunity Supersmoothie is perfect for replacing those evening teas and coffees.

How many super smoothies can I have in a day?

We recommend having at least 1 smoothie a day, to help you include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You can have as many smoothies as you like, but do check with your doctor in case of any particular conditions.

What is inside a Utopian Supersmoothie?

To keep you active and energetic throughout the day, we offer you a combination of fruits, vegetables, superfoods and herbs. Whether you need a light snack, healthy drink, energy booster or to cleanse your body, our Utopian super smoothies are just what you need.

Super smoothies are organic, right?

Many of the ingredients are organic, but some are not. Although we understand the importance of organic, sourcing the correct amount and quality of ingredients has proven challenging so far. As a result, we guarantee the quality of our ingredients by working closely with our vendors to ensure they are fresh and tasty.

Are super smoothies safe to consume by diabetics?

Unlike other brands, we do not add refined sugar to our products. Nevertheless, our Super Smoothies contain fruit, which contains sugar. A natural sweetener, honey makes our smoothies healthier, tastier, and nutrient-dense. Those with diabetes can consume these, but we recommend you consult your doctor before doing so on a regular basis.

Is it true that Supersmoothies will assist me in losing weight?

Many weight loss success stories have been documented with the regular consumption of smoothies. However, we believe that a healthy weight loss regime requires overall fitness and mindfulness of the body. It is not recommended that you use our Super Smoothies as weight loss therapy. However, our Super Smoothies increase fruit and vegetable consumption, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it prevents you from eating all the unhealthy junk. You can simply replace the junk in your life with these tasty alternatives.

Do you think it is healthier to eat whole fruits or drink fresh smoothies instead of packaged ones?

To achieve a healthier lifestyle, we recommend eating as much whole fruit and vegetables as possible, even fresh homemade smoothies. However, we understand it’s difficult to make a fresh smoothie yourself due to your busy schedule. You can order a fresh one, but besides the long delivery time, you also don’t know the hygiene conditions or the freshness of your order.

We know you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. With the least possible processing, our Supersmoothies help you get your daily dosage of fruits, vegetables and superfoods in a tasty and convenient way.

What is the effect of making Super Smoothies on their nutritional value?

In order to ensure the drinks are as close as possible to fresh smoothies, we use a technology we call a retort. Nutrient content is minimally affected by our optimized retort. It’s the same nutritional information on the label as what’s inside.

Do your SuperSmoothies have a shelf life?

Smoothies can be stored for up to six months on the shelf without refrigeration, and mind you, we do not add any preservatives. We achieve this using a technology called retort.

The machinery we use to retort our smoothies has been optimized to have the least amount of impact on their nutritional content. Once opened we suggest refrigerating our Super Smoothies and consume within 24 hours, just like any other fruit beverage. Re-iterating that there are no preservatives added to our products.

How do Supersmoothies have a 6-month shelf-life without preservatives?

For more than a year, we have worked on perfecting our smoothies so that you can get the maximum nutritional benefit. We want to keep our smoothies healthy and fresh without adding preservatives, and we achieve this by using a technology called Retort.

Retort processing requires heating the products for a short period and rapidly cooling them. This reduces the microbial activity which is the main reason for any fruit, vegetable or food to oxidize and get spoiled. The microbial activity is reduced to a minimal, without much impact on the nutritional content.

All our Supersmoothies are sealed and as long as the seal is intact, the shelf life will be 6 months from manufacturing. Once the seal is opened, they need to be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours, like any other fruit beverage.

What is the reason for sedimentation in your smoothies?

Whenever natural fresh smoothies are kept still, sediment will form.We prepare our Supersmoothies with the least amount of processing and without any preservatives. All fresh smoothies have sedimentation, so if there is any, it is due to that.

How to drink a Supersmoothie?

Shake the SuperSmoothies well, as there can be some sedimentation. They taste best when chilled. Do not buy the bottle if it is disfigured or the seal is puffed, torn or broken.


returns and replacements

Can I return the Supersmoothie if I am not satisfied?

We do not accept returns on our products. But if there is any issue with the product, you can write back to us at returns with your Bill ID and the issue. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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