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Utopian – What We Do

Utopian – What We Do

Utopian is a thriving smoothie brand that aims to deliver blended fruits and vegetables as fresh as dew in super convenient bottled packaging. We take your work out of gathering ingredients, unpacking, washing, peeling, seeding, blending, serving, and then eating healthy. We bring you the ultimate combination of blended vegetables and fruits as ready-made smoothies delivered to your door.

We want to champion an equitable world where everyone – regardless of age, income, location, race, or gender – has access to healthy nutrition, but where this access does not come at the expense of the planet. And that is why, we pick our raw product directly from the farm to the pristine processing of retort technology, with astute logistics to deliver intact smoothie products.

What We Bring you

It’s time for you to revolutionize your smoothies from bland to glam. To save you from the hassle of creating and matching the definition of ‘healthy’, we bring the glam right to your doorstep. Our smoothie range consists of these four amazing drinks:
● Detox (Morning Drink)
● Wholesome (Breakfast)
● Energize (Ideal for a 4 pm snack)
● Immunity (low calorie and packed with antioxidants)

Each of our drinks is pre-portioned with clean nutritious ingredients to fulfill the needs of an individual for the day. In compliance with achieving all the good benefits, we don’t compromise our products with sugar, preservatives, additional color, or sieving out any important nutrient. To achieve the multi-benefits and keep the goodness of fresh ingredients intact, our processing makes the best use of retort technology. The retort is one of the most efficient & effective methods of thermal food processing to sterilize and enhance the shelf life of food while sealing packaging.
We deliver a great smoothie – for everyone, for every time, and for every cause.

A Great Smoothie for Everyone

Utopian’s mission has been to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit & vegetable smoothies with a positive impact on people, the planet and prosperity.
While people of every age can benefit from our product, we mainly hope we make a better and more promising lifestyle choice for adults and teenagers. Protein and energy are essential for the human body, but everything from vitamins A, C, calcium, phosphorus, etc. is important for maintaining balance as hormones and outside stresses take their toll.
Because junk food and soft drinks are so prevalent in adolescents lives, they may not realize that pizza and soda do not constitute a balanced diet. Nonetheless, this stage in their teens’ lives can benefit the most from developing long-term healthy eating habits that include pure blends of smoothies.

A Great Smoothie for Every Time

As much as Utopian focuses on health, our focus lens also shifts to time. Utopian aims to create a world where eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or deprivation-inducing. A world where we are all the best version of ourselves by consuming honest, wholesome, delicious food.
Our smoothies are created together by a team of chefs and nutritionists to create a collection of nourishing and restorative smoothies to consume at different any time of the day. Our friend of bottle size will fuel your guts any time of the day – be it morning, lunch, brunch, evening, or at the times when you crave a snack without the fear of munching over anything non-beneficiary.

A Great Smoothie for Every Cause

Utopian smoothies are not just a provider of healthy, convenient super smoothies; we are storytellers of a better life. Through the consumption of energizing smoothies, we can eat as nature intended and nourishes from the inside out. We blend our smoothies in a process that meets your requirement of:

  • Nutritional content- All our smoothies are rich in important macro and micro-nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, etc.
  • Ingredients- Our smoothies are free of artificial additives, sugar, flavors, and preservatives.
  • Variety- Our brand has several flavors and types of smoothies to choose from.
  • Value- The best-produced smoothie with the best value for the price. So, no matter how busy you are, you consume the power of proper nutrition anytime, anywhere with Utopian Smoothies!

So, no matter how busy you are, you consume the power of proper nutrition anytime, anywhere with Utopian Smoothies!